Qfino 20,000mAh

The most Affordable and practical power bank

Launching soon on INDIEGOGO
Early Birds €30.99 / £25.99

Quick Charge, Wireless and Solar Power Bank We cover all aspects of usability.

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Qfino Family

Qfino Quick Charge Power Bank

Qfino QC Wireless Power Bank

Qfino QC Solar Power Bank

Light weight & Portable

The pocket-sized power bank only weights 304g. Ultra compact and slim design, convenient for portability while traveling.

4 Outputs 3 Inputs

Charge 4 devices at the same time.

Charge Qfino with any mobile cable you have,
USB type C, Lightening or Micro USB, we covered it all.

Real 20000mAh Capacity

Either Android user or iOS user, only one cable can recharge and discharge your power bank.





      7 CHARGES

      Samsung Galaxy

      4 CHARGES / 3.5 CHARGES

      Macbook air 11 / Macbook 12